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Average Salary: $46,845

In May 2008, the average yearly wages of architectural and civil drafters were $46,390, while mechanical drafters earned $48,600. Electrical and electronics drafters had the highest average yearly wages—$53,770.

Every building project must be carefully drawn before construction begins. Drafters convert the sketches and notes of engineers and designers to physical plans that builders can then follow. In the past, drafters worked with specialized drawing tools and blue print paper. Today, they work almost entirely on the computers. A drafter’s job description:

  • Prepares maps of the area showing the distribution facilities of water system
  • Plots water lines for new subdivisions, annexations and main extensions.
  • Updates plot books
  • Updates water treatment plants' and pump stations' design drawings
  • Prepares charts, graphs, and design drawings for engineering department
  • Prepares record drawings showing actual installation details
  • Creates and updates plot books, charts, graphs, contract design drawings
  • Prepares charts, graphs and other exhibits, updates maps

Education: On-the-job training or two-year degree in drafting
Certificates, licenses: Not generally required. Certifications are available from the American Design Drafting Association
Entry-level opportunities: Yes
Desirable traits and skills: Knowledge of drafting procedures, standards and software. Mechanical and visual thinker; artistic; good fine motor skills; good problem-solving skills
Where Jobs are Available: Mid-sized to Large Utilities; Federal/State Governments/Consulting Finns

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