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Meet a Watershed Ranger 


Mark Silva
Watershed Ranger Naturalist II, East Bay Municipal Utility District
53 years old

Why do you “work for water?” What do you love about the job?  

Water is life! I went to work with the water company to build a stable, long term career.  I started with the water company as a gardener and with some sacrifice and good timing, I landed the Ranger job.  I've always loved to work outside and to be able to maintain watershed land - it just doesn't get any better for me. 

Tell us about how your educational path that led you to this career. 

My education is minimal compared to the requirements for current new hires. I have many junior college units, mostly in horticulture and earned my degree at Hard-Knock-U. I'm constantly learning something new through everyday work and observation in my outdoor office.    

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