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Meet a Water/Wastewater Project Engineer


Haley Falconer, EIT
Water/Wastewater Project Engineer, HDR
24 years old

Why do you “work for water?” What do you love about the job? 

I started in water because it was something that I believed in and it was a career path where I felt I could make a difference.  Now, I enjoy the experience I am getting working on reclaimed water projects.  I think it’s important to use our limited water resources in the best way possible. I like getting to help with the project planning and then, hopefully, see that project through to completion. 

Tell us about how your educational path that led you to this career. 

I went for an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at North Dakota State University because I always enjoyed math and science and my dad is a civil engineer, so I knew a little bit about the career. In my junior year, I was introduced to environmental engineering and a light bulb went off—I could use the skills I was good at and apply them positively to something I enjoy. I took all the technical electives I could related to water and wastewater and then went on to get a Masters in environmental engineering at Washington State.

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